Sunday, June 05, 2005

We the people demand our right to know the facts.

I am bumping this up -hey it's my blog. Because I plan to bring this with me to WDC, and distribute along with the other one. this concerns the Dowing St. memo-from just regular people's perspective. I think it does not hurt to have one from just US.
Aslo asking for less media intimidation. This is an open letter. Please sign. I will fax, e-mail and deliver by hadn to folks.

Dear Mr. Bush;

We the people, have a right to know the truth.

We want you to answer the questions by the Hon. Rep. Conyers and 89 other members of congress, concerning the Blair/ Downing Street memo, your plans for the invasion of Iraq, and the actions you took to distort information, in order to advance your preconceived agenda.

We want to know why Scott McClellan your press secretary, blamed Newsweek magazine, for the actions of policemen in Iraq shooting and killing 15 protesters. Military officials appear to refute your claims, that a statement in the magazine referring to an investigation, of possible disrespect, and inappropriate behavior of an interrogator resulted in this violence.

We want to know who planned this course of action, apparently to further intimidate our media. As a democracy a free and non-partisan media is critical.

We further implore you to encourage unencumbered, investigations into the anomalies of the 2004 presidential elections. Please allow the investigators to examine the vast amount of documentation by voter's rights groups and University professors.

Please make a public statement encourage the media to explore this documentation and report it, without concern of retribution from your administration. We can not have real voter reform, nor restore faith in our democracy without a free press and fair elections.

(click link above to sign) thanks , This is a photo petition- optional of course, but I thought that might be interesting - WE the REAL people!
but don't forget those postcards- I really like my NOT My president. ones.
I'm watching TV and addressing some now. Just doing what I can...whatever I can... to make the world a better place.

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