Saturday, June 04, 2005

Truth is BUSTING out all over

It's June, June,June,June JUNE!
Above link will take you to the forum at the Big Brass Alliance!
I am sooooo glad to be a part of this smart and savy group of compassionate bloggers!!!!
If you have a blog and give a sh** you can join too. Free and a nice way to connect and share concerns. You can go read the information -actions-news -contact info etc. without joining.
The impetus for the formations fo this union was the BushInc. crimes against democracy and the world as brought to an even brighter light by the Downing St. Memos. Blair and Bush 's tea party during which they conspired to LIE to their countryfolk to March us off to war!
Praise the Lord for Rep. John Conyers!!!! the wonderful folks at Air America radio! so many honest smart bloggers, my friends over on the on-line sweepstakes political forum - never underestimate the power and difficulty of disscussing facts (and lies) with a mixed audience! Share the love!!!


SarahLee said...

Hi - would you consider joining the alliance at and adding a link to that site. Trying to push the Campaign to Demand a Resolution of Inquiry based on the lies verified by the Downing Street Minute.

Volunteer for Truth

jarnocan said...

Thank you so much I sure have and please others do the same - I have to go get the litle golden balls thingy.