Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My trip to WDC see pics below NO BU**SH** zone! store link - profits to be donated.

I was in Washington DC last Thursday and Friday to support The Rush Holt Bill 550 which is considered the Gold Standard by the folks at Voter's Unite, Verified Voting, Vote Trust USA and Common Cause, and many other ordinary yet informed concerned citizens like myself.
While helping to lobby for the bill I had to be objective, clear, sincere and not cloud the issue. No using the F word, and definately not the I word. I did not wear my Impeach Bush, No BU**SH** or Fraud shirts or pins while lobbying.

Om my own time I did find some time to take in a few sights, and took a few pictures promote the Orange post card capaign.
Now that protest are planned for this week to encourage the BU**SH**Inc. to answer the questions concerning the Downing ST. Memo, get congress to act on it, and the media to be more responsible concerning reporting on critical issues more fully and factually, I would encourage everyone to SEND those post cards!!! Send them to the media and your congress folks. We know the truth but so many other people, even liberal minded people, who are just very busy, have NO clue. They just catch the news on the fly, so they hear about Michael Jackson and other nonsensical crap, because it is constantly repeated, but very little of the important issues.
If you can attend one of the ralleys in NYC or WDC GREAT! but if not (or even if you do) Don't forget to send postcards! Thanks!

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