Saturday, June 04, 2005

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Send the post cards! We need the main stream media to tell them the truth!!! We need congress to act to restore our democracy! Posted by Hello

Just now in Westfiled, NJ. I gave away almost all my postcards, during a road race that began in front of my house. Got to buy and print some more. It is amazing how many bright but busy people, even who are anti-Bush do not know about Downing St., Gannon/Guckert etc. at all. Verified voting going to WDC June 9th this is a petions I began on another site before the care 2 one, haven't puhed it much. Sponge Bob has thousands of siggys, lets see if we can boost this one a bit so I don't feel too dang silly carting it with me to WDC. Seriously, I will be bringing it along too, and submit them together.

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Chris Woods said...

Great site, keep up the good liberal activism! Thanks for your comments! Glad to have you in the Big Brass Alliance!