Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Howard Dean spoke compassionately about hard working POOR folks, who were treated unfairly!

He was speaking about the elections, the 5+hours lines many of our hardest working poor folks had to endure , and then to have their votes NOT count!!! George Bush and Bu**H**INC committed crimes against our democracy! This crime was against ALL of US!
This entire 'Dean' contoversy is just so worng and pathetic. I actually saw a clip of Dean's comment.
What cowards and hypocrits and hate mongerers - are infestering the GOP these days! Now gee-whiz don't take ME out of context The BushInc. gang (not the netire GOP-many too variying dgrees) are SO afraid of an honest , compassionated and dedicated person, because they are SO afraid of the truth!!!
Dean was speaking about the unfair (and fraudulent ) elections. He was talking ABOUT the hard working poor folks who IN MANY places had to wait for MANY hours to vote.
He did- NOT say ALL - he was making the kind of comment one makes to illustrate a problem, that some rich selfish poeple, who do not have a clue as to what it is like to work hard, be poor and then get treated very unfairly- when you are already tired and beaten down - is like.
He was making this comment because he CARES that hard working poor people were treated very unfairly- WTF?? is WRONG with that???

What is nasty is the way this has been taking out of context and exaggerated, and what is sad is that not even enough DEMS have the BALLS to point out what was the meaing and important truth behind his remarks.

If you click above you will got to Democracy for America. GEE that's a good thing right?

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