Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Gannon Guckert investigation also (must see link-judiciary/GG posters)

likely could have led to impeachable offenses. This is a bit dicey but the poster about the judiciary are priceless.
I mean it is just so outrageous, YES there really was a Whitehouse Whore- a professional male prostitute that ROVED about-He came and went, ocaasionally signing in and out if it was conveneint apparently- when hanging with other press core members, pretending to be a real journalist (hey he spent a weekend at a hard core right wing pundit prep program run by a friend of ROVE's)
he apparently leaked valuable spew and classified information , even endangering a govenrment agent- for the most important cause of the BushInc. national security??? Heck no; REVENGE and intimidation! That is where they expand most of their collective brain power- it seems.

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