Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Carlyle Group!! buying more property- who are they LINK here for more info.

The Wall Street Journal Europe, Friday / Saturday September 28-29 2001, p.4
"Bin Laden Family Has Intricate Ties With Washington
Saudi Clan Has Had Access To Influential Republicans"

The Carlyle Group as reported in the NYTs has just bought a several Trump properties in NYC. How much of the US do they already own, including a large portion of our defense industry, and who are they???
I will be looking at this more, please join me and THINK of the big picture.
This was disscussed in Michael Moore's F911 movie, And he was brutally attacked by the far right for it, and a couple excellent books ; House of Bush/House of Saud, and the Iron Triangle. You can read excerpts at
What has changed and NOT changed since then. How much do the actions of BushInc. benefit them???

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