Tuesday, June 21, 2005

CALL for full congressional hearings on DSM! new petition LINK

"The British government memo ("the Downing Street Memo") suggests a sickening truth: that the Bush administration was determined to go to war all along -- even if it had to fix the facts to convince the American people.
We've got to act. We must make sure Congress gets the memo because Americans deserve to know the truth. Join me and demand that Congress hold hearings about the Downing Street Memo to determine whether the Bush administration misled us into war:"

Because if not it may just be killed in committee. I'm sure we all agree that we have a right to find out the full truth. Truth is a NON_PARTISAN issue.or at least it should be.
And if LIES were made - it is a very serious matter. Even the BushInc. shouldn't allow this to hang over his head, better to have the truth come out.
RIGHT?? ALL AGREE? OK so sign away! may add comments

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