Thursday, June 02, 2005

Anti-Bu**Sh** photo chain at Care2 Can join (free) and ADD yours!

This is more or less what it will look like. I am not reccommending you print this out- just buy orange paper /poster board and use the B&W one. I might put it on the cafe-press, they might do a real nice job with it. I honestly do like how the BU**SH**-BULL ones came out. Even if I put my OWN pics over there -still feel FREE to use any of them -to help make our world a better place!!! OK so I started out just saying support Verified Voting on June 9th by sending orange post cards, and ain't that sweet. Well it is and VERY important. BuT sooo much has happened just since I began pushing this idea- I -HEY it's up to you but my message is getting a little MORE URGENT. I really think the TIME is right. Even decent republicans I think are wanting their GRAND OLD Party back! Not all republicans are anti- democracy, some are frugal and are sincerely religious and have real values. The BushINc. are religious PERVERTS! Posted by Hello

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