Monday, June 06, 2005

Another great contact link President, VP, congress, media

This is a great site to use for the postcard / snail mail campaign or for e-mail.
Please if you haven't yet done so, consider buying some post cards from a progressive site-like Buzzflash or Seeds of Doubt / Distressed American, printing some of your own- 4 by 6 index cards (you may use any of my images if you like), cutting some from orange poster board, or just use any that you have.
Your message is what counts. Use the above link to quickly and easily find the addresses of your senators, and representatives, also their is a media link at this site.
Sometime between now and June 9th PLEASE, send at least a few, send more if you have the time and patience.
Support Verified Voting-there are still preceints buying the unverifiable equipment from companies owned by reconstructionist!
How can we restore faith in our democracy? We need to insist on real investigations into what happened in 2004,why and who was responsible. That is the only way we can reclaim our rights to free and fair elections.
Freedom of the press is also vital to our democracy. Please also tell them to stop intimidating our mainstream media! We have a right and a need to know the truth! Please help! Do what you can!

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