Sunday, May 15, 2005

Voters Unite this is the quintissential-easy to comprehend-detailed Voter's right site!

It's all here, very well organized. You can look at the BIG picture from many angles- by maps, equipment. They have printouts- you can turn the poster into a post card
They are supporting US- they need our support. We all have to do what we can, now. Don't wait for things to get better, because they won't without a great deal of effort!
"Myth Breakers is a tool for citizen activists. Myth Breakers will enable you to speak with confidence about the issues. Then ... Spread the Truth! Deliver "Myth Breakers: Facts about Electronic Elections" to your local election officials and legislators. Give them the information they need to make wise decisions. "
"Support Congressional bills requiring a [B]voter-verified paper record[/B].
Click here to find the [I]contact information [/I] for your legislator.
- Urge your U.S. Senators to co-sponsor Senator Ensign's bill, S.330 (VIVA 2005).
- Urge your U.S. Representative to co-sponsor H.R.704 (identical to S.330)
- and to co-sponsor H.R.550 -- Congressman Holt's bill."
Please remember Verified Voting Day is coming up -in June-write! sign the petitions if you haven't-see below-and get those post cards ready!
I would do whatever you can send a couple, just to your Senators and your rep, or send more. Pass some out to friends to send. send them to the media- tell them what you think of their lack of forthrightness in covering this and other critical , factual information people need to know for the US to remain a democracy!
Have a post card party-find out who's computer can print them out and play around with some designs, or this might be a good time to support your favorite progressive site and buy some- I also like the BUZZflash ones-that's another great real NEWS site.


tornadowatchf5 said...

Hi jarnocan,

I just wanted to say that you have one of the most intelligent, real, and not afraid to speak the truth and your beliefs regardless of what the mainstream beliefs are of the ignorant, and believing the propaganda of the "elite" Bushco and their far right buddies.

What do you think of the just-as-good-as-passed law regarding the so called "REAL ID", euphamism for "National ID" or even more to the point, it might as well say, "I'm an official, card-carrying member of the largest Police State in History". Which this world is in the process of becoming.

Never mind, I don't need to ask. I can tell by your blog that you probably aren't too impressed with the idea. Are you a memeber of the ACLU? I am, but not a paid one - I can't afford it. But I admit, although there are conflicting feelings regarding them, even among people on the same side. I am really proud of them for staying on top of every piece of legislation that is being considered that could impose on our freedom and privacy, or any of our constitutional rights for that matter. There are some, though who say that they are just another lobby group who is a part of the "divide & conquer" mentality. Well, I guess each person needs to choose for themselves. I've been pretty busy, but when I get a chance, I'll check out some of the links you gave me. I'm already familiar with a couple of them. I really lke "common dreams".

Also, I don't know if you're interested, and they don't have a "recruiting program" or anything, so I'm just saying this on my own. I've been a memeber of a website, since January. I love it. It's an interactive site, supposedly the biggest conspiracy related site on the internet. There, I found people who actually believe a lot of the same as I do, and without being lauged at. Of course, with any forum, you've got people on both sides. Anti-bush is predominent. And of course, there are those who just want to stir up trouble, but not many and they usually end up getting banned.

I only mention this to you, because you sound as if you would really enjoy a site like that. If not, oh well, no problem.

Good luck in all your adventures.
Have a great day!

jarnocan said...

The ACLU is more important than ever. I think is also a great resource. Common Cause is great also. So many places need money. I don't even donate to regular charites right now BECAUSE I think this is even MORE crucial to all of them; environmental, medical, PUBLIC TV etc. I support my causes by buying things from the progressive sites-Buzzflsh, Not in our Name, etc. and will likely donate to Voter's Unite next. I have given to etc.
One think I really HATE is how people wrongly fling about some far right folk use words like"conspiracy theory" to dismiss FACTS. The CNP is real, reconstructionist are real, Sun Myung Moon, the PNAC, Iran Contra. Eisenhower warned of the Iron Triangle. People really have to understand these terms, and how they related to the BushINC. to comprehend what happened to our vote in 2004. They should know how MOST of our voting equipment was owned and operated by the reconstructionist and republican operatives.
Thanks for writing.