Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Verified Voting org link

"Will your vote count in the next election?
Maybe not! How will we even know?"
another link, and more actions you can take, if you haven't already.
But send the post cards too. It is more direct- add a personal touch!
from V V org -hit above link for more!
"Paperless electronic voting systems are failing us. Worse yet, resistance from the elections official community is astonishing! Here is an excerpt from a Sun Sentinel story:
Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller expects that elections officials nationwide will be watching closely, with some of them hoping that the printers fail. "I clearly believe that there are certain people within the election process who don't want that scrutiny on how elections are run," Heller said. "Why elections directors so fight this process is just incredible to me."

Our democracy is at stake
and the time for action is now! This nationwide grassroots effort to restore the sanctity of our electoral process will succeed only through the efforts of volunteers who are willing to write letters, make telephone calls, visit legislators, and communicate our message to all our fellow Americans."

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