Sunday, May 22, 2005

Verified Voting Days June 9-14 th can register here- or just read more.

this is gaining momentum! That is a good thing because on the other hand- if the REAL story does not really break BIG. We are going to have thousands of little nit picking battles, with every 2-bit local republican operative and politician over buying expensive no-verifiable equipment. This is still happening all over! There can be NO assumption that -we all know better now, our votes will be counted for sure, next time. This is a constant struggle and always will be. These small battles are important, but We need to get the truth out, or all those little battles will NOT win the 'WAR' to restore democracy in our country.

Also there is a conference on intimidation of the media in Washington on Tuesday with Rep. Conyers and others who signed the letter to President Bush reguarding the 'Downing St. memo'- see related petitions below, and also David Brock of Media matters, Al Franken and others from the liberal (honest) media.


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back to Texas, or preferably jail.
Hopefully some republicans will remeber that democracy has value, and rediscover, what having values really means.
Cowards post anonnmously BTW.