Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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BushINc. likely is guilty at least 5 five impeachable acts:

1. Lying to Congress about intelligence concerning Iraq to legitimize the case for invasion
2. Conspiring with Blair to mislead Congress
3. knowing that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's diverted funds meant for the Afghan conflict (finding Osama?) to prepare for WAR with Iraqi.
4. Deliberate Falsification of evidence supporting the case for invasion
5. Writing and telling Congress that Iraq was supporting al-Qaeda when that evidence was false


Mark said...

don't think bush will be ipeached for recieving and acting upon the wrong inforation...after all, if clinton didn't get thrown out of office for lying, ("i did not have sex with that woman, ms lewinsky" aong other lies) why would bush be? considering it cannot be proven that he deliberately lied, unlike clinton

tornadowatchf5 said...

Unfortunately, I don't think Bush will be impeached either, although by my beliefs, he should have been long before he ever got re-selected. I don't know the whole story, that's why I have blog trying to figure it all out. But, somehow, he thinks he is above the law, therefore he is....?

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Have a great day, and keep up the good work. You blog was one of the first ones I've run into that was of any sort of public interest.

jarnocan said...

Mark-hello drink some coffee and actually read the information-this is about deliberately altering the facts-also called LYING- in order to advance the BushInc.'s already set upon DANGEROUS agenda.
I hope they can sometime prove who Gannon/Guckert the Whitehouse whore/pressboy was roving around with, quite freely I might add-after hours, before hours. IT isn't the homosexuality BTW that is the issue here (or his religion-what a horrible dodge that was)It is that he was given WAY more freedom and access then he should have-not sexually-although he apparently accessed and was accessed quite liberally (not in the political sense of the word mind you although -we do tend to be more open minded about such things) Anyway- and everywaht-OK I'll stop, what I was trying to say- It's what he was leaking-NO not that! The classified information I mean- they had no right to use a prostitute of any gender, for thir revengeful and traitorous agenda!

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