Tuesday, May 10, 2005

TELL "Mainstreammedia" to INVESTIGATE the VOTE ! great link here!

From Independent media source and reccommended by the Dem Underground WOW the letter itself is very interesting. You can send or change it, and send it to some or all of the contacts listed. Here is the petiton I made up. Not perfect but there are other variables to hink about while doing the form, but sign it anyway-it's a lot less reading at least :)


Mark said...

yes have them investigate how so many people that have been dead for years managed to register and vote democrat in the last several elections. by all means we'd all like to know!

jarnocan said...

...and for being the first non- relative to comment on my blog-
You win a free post card!!!
I am glad you are reading information that you may disagree with. That is good for all of US occasionally.
Always be sure to understand the difference between facts and opinions. If there is any specific fact I write that you disagree with I will try to document and explain why I beleive it to be true.
My opinions of course are subjective, but usually based on FACTS colored by my compassion and passion.