Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Seeds of Doubt/Distressed American link!

I have more than seeds of doubt at this point, they have been growing, well norished by the truth, that most of the US has been denied by the mainstream media. Hopefully we plant these precious seeds of doubt and grow them, nourish them consistantly. We can't give up. We can't forget about them, and hope the truth will just suddenly bloom before our eyes. That some other care taker will decide to do his job. We have to tend to them viligently, if we stop, our hope for a better world may die. the environment matters, education, health care, safety nets, Peace, all these things are in jeopardy! We need to take care!
Bu**SH**Inc. is our #1 issue.


Mark said...

oh my god, you poor misguided soul. the mainstream media? if you paid attention it would become obvious to you that the media is extremely liberal biased....unless the only media you listen to is rush limbaugh and something tells me you'd cut your ears off rather than listen to him

jarnocan said...

Well I'm sure steam would be pouring whistling out my ears. I have listened to him, not as much lately. I generally read of his more outrageous, lies and smear attacks- many based on talking points.
One thing that really disturbed me a great deal during the campaign was the frequent use of bigotry even on main stream TV and it was accepted as being valid opinion. THAT should NOT have been allowed, or at least it should have been sharply rebuked on the spot.
Journalist are intimidated and given guidelines and in some cases directives by the cooporate owners and managers.