Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rep. Conyer's statement here!

From what I have read, and heard this is the way I see it. There very likely was, to various degrees, not so nice things being done with copies of the Koran-which does not really suprise me at all, they sure did some other uncool stuff (it's very different, violent and desperate circumstances-I don't really want to pass judgement here). Newsweek is not the only publication to mention this.
The violence that Bush's press secretary hyped up, and blamed on Newsweek was spurred by several factors-in a very turbulent violent place.
BushInc. in so many ways, has increased hatred toward the USA tremendously! not Newsweek

The reason this is a 'big story' all over the FAR right wing media, and the increasing to the right mainstream media, IS to keep that Blair memo thing, which is more evidence of IMPEACHABLE offences (and other unpleasant realities like torture details) out of the news. They also want an excuse to enforce more censorship.
We are living in very dangerous times, especially if you care about democracy!

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