Monday, May 09, 2005

Petition to promote Verified Voting and call for investigations

into the election fraud of 2004.
This is in addition to the Orange Post Card campaign, I still feel we need to make as strong of a statement as we can. Democracy counts! great articles here also.
Verified voting Lobby Day is on June 9th in Washington DC ! Please also demand voter fraud investigations, attempts at reform will be meaningless until the full truth is acknowledged!

"We the undersigned, endorse the following petition:
Support Verified Voting / Call for investigations
Target: Henry Waxman Committee on Govenrment Reform Minority Office

Petiton to support Verified Voting Lobby Day on June 9th,the Rush Holt Bill HR-550, and call for meaningful investigations of election fraud, in order to enable meaningful reform. ..... "
see for more info.
I read Robert koehler's The Silent Scream of Numbers, see link and quotes in earlier posts, and felt the need to do something. for more info/

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