Monday, May 09, 2005

Petition link for Electoral Commission Please READ, think, sign-comment...V.R.

The Velvet Revolution New American Patriot! is an awesome site- honest-vital information-links and IMPORTANT actions. Please hit Link above.
Funny, it just occured to me, a long time ago I briefly was entering a lot of snail mail contest. the ones that you can enter via post card- you just use index cards right? Index cards come in orange now- so that would be an easy low cost way to do this.or just print-Verify my Vote! or even V V on them or be more creative. I don't want to use too much ink, but a basic simple design would be cool. (My own will probably have I P I P, but that likely won't work for everyone.)
I have a new printer, that is easy to adjust for post card size paper/pictures -many of the newer ones are now.
I think I will actually pre address some and hand them out, perhaps the week before. That should be easy enough to do. What do you think? Any other groups want to do this? As an informative action???? That would be a positive way to get the message out?
I don't think I would go so far as to stamp them, not rich enough and might be a waste, but I might keep some on me, if someone ask. Please consider this. Perhaps in early June. The Verified Lobby Day is June 9th. Any other ideas?????

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