Monday, May 09, 2005

Orange Post / Verified voting cards here !!! link

These are some designs the cool guy over at Seeds of doubt/distressed american just came up with hit the title.
also Robert Koehler is still silently screaming - he has another great aritcle I will try to link to here- if not it is at, and I'm sure on his site
Citizens in the Rain
"Maybe we can't have election reform without media reform" by Robert Koehler I do think if you are willing sending the cards to the media will be a good idea also, let's ALL do it!!! Maybe we can send even more than Santa got in that old movie- now remember that worked, and ya know I am a believer.

Of course I am grateful for the above dsigns and that the petiton has been linked to other sites, bying post cards is a great way to support our progressive sites but any post card will do - orange index cards or any index card with YOUR important POINTS - We can make an impact. Post card stamps are very inexpensive- you can also just buy postage paid ones. Taking action is what really matters. Please do!!!!

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