Sunday, May 08, 2005

Orange Post card campaign!!!! contact links here

Senate, reps and media contact for Orange (or other) Post Cards for previously mentioned just click above title for links. I am still having a little difficulty getting my links to work in here. so I am linking to my other links from above.
June Verified voting support / investigate Election fraud
in June -post card campaign,
and any other actions. The actual snail mailing addy's are here and web forms are linked.
Verified Voting Lobby Day
Join the Coalition for a national lobby day sponsored by NJ Congressman Rush Holt, who has writtien bill HR-550. This comprehensive bill will require a paper backup verifiable audit trail for public elections, specifically for electronic voting machines. for more info- see
I still think it would also be cool to just use orange cards. Large size/post card size index cards or cut poster board. I bought some cards, but I thin I will try to pass out some orange ones to my firends. Perhaps I will even address them on my computer-that shouldn't be too hard.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to write in to support this blogger because today is Mothers' Day and this blogger happens to be my mom.

Mom, I love the work you are doing on behalf of democracy, and the passion with which you do it. I love the compassion and intelligence you've tought me, even though I don't get involved as much as I should. I love you, mom. Happy Mothers' Day!