Tuesday, May 17, 2005

MSNBC's Kieth Olberman's bold comments Re: Newsweek and Scott MClellan a MUST READ!

Was this more BushInc. media intimidation???? SEE above link! This guy is one of the few folks worth listening to on TV!

I wrote this when I noticed that this petition had 11 signatures, while the one supporting Sponge Bob had 28,000.

http://www.gopetition.co m/online/6410.html

"Please sign this petiton; if you are concernd about the environment, PEACE, education, health care, nuclear proliferation and even SPONGE BOB. The far religious right / reconstructionst/ CNP have attacked them all. Reconstructionist and republican operatives owned and controlled the VAST majority of our voting equipment. They are the ones who have assaulted our rights, and our welfare in ALL those areas just mentioned including BTW SPONGE BOB.
I sincerely believe this is 1 of the most important petitons around, because it also concerns Sponge BOB.
Our media is censored via corporate control and intimidation. Consider what happend to Dan Rather/CBS, News Week and SPONGE BOB! Please read Buzzflash.com, commondreams.com and other sources for the real news.

Please also DO something more; there is a post card campign also from now through JUNE 9th-VERIFIED VOTING Lobby Day in WDC. Please write your brief but strong request for REAL voter reform and REAL Investigations. You can use 4/6inch Index cards-can use a computer to put a design on them or not- cut up orange poster board or buy post cards, even Sponge Bob ones.

Save Sponge BOB! Impeach BUSH!


Mark said...

you wrote ... Consider what happend to Dan Rather/CBS, News Week....excuse me nut dan rather and newsweek LIED to incite anger against bush and the republicans and then they got caught....they deserve what they get

jarnocan said...

Excuse me, What lie would that be? I dod not know about that. the fcts were true- 1 document out of many was apparently recreatedBushInc. will get what they seserve some day.

jarnocan said...

Soory at work, -not much time- and no glasses.
BushInc. LIES and many peole died and are hurt by his lies.