Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mixed Political forums are that are not necessarily a NO BU**SH** zone!

For around a year-I and many other GREAT folks -have been posting and debating many issues in various political. Bush, Kerry, Michael Moore, Sun Myung Moon, Iran Contra, Neocons, CNP, reconstructionsit, ELECTION FRAUD, IMPEACHABLE??? stem cell research, Media, Science and environmental concerns, EVERYTHING really! Links to interesting articles- debating with folks with different opinions.
I have thought it would make an interesting book, the paticipants are from all over the country a very mixed group, so it is a more lively, sometimes in your face stuff.
If anyone is curious about me-my views- or reading some spirited give and take; it can be interesting. (the specific link has been removed per request)
Did I mention I used to enter and sometimes even win sweepstakes? OH, well no time for that now too much is really at stake!

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