Sunday, May 01, 2005

May Day In NY!

Here are some pictures from NY city today. It was a wonderful peace demonstration. People from all over our country and our world gathered to plead for peace, to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and concerning other human rights issues. I heard around 40,000 people attended, and I think that did not include the Troops Out now contingent who were down around Union Square.
We paraded from near the UN up to Central Park. Dr. Helen Caldecott and others spoke, and there was music. Also attending were mayors from around the world, including Hiroshema, Japan. Mayor Bloomberg did not attend, unfortunately. I guess he isn't into international gatherings.
I'm sure many of these people, almost a thousand visiting just from Japan , also spent a great deal of money in NY! Everything as far as I know went very beautifully. Thankyou for caring! United for Peace and Justice did a great job!

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