Friday, May 13, 2005

Democratic Underground forum with the Westifeld, NJ protest- Pics and Distressed American/Seedsof Doubt posters.

Here are a couple postcards I printed up on my computer, Using 4 by 6" index cards, and an orange poster paper that I cut into 4/6" cards. I purposely did not do them first quality, Think they look kind of appropriate for the task that way, and I wanted to make enough to give out to friends without using up all my ink. The orange one looks fine printed in black and white and on the 'draft' setting.
I mean we aren't talking scenic quality, just something to make a point. Now what should I write on the back???
I added a link on top to some interesting pics, including the pics of the innocent YOUNG woman who was brutally arrested in my hometown, and is absolutely innocent of any wrong doing. see for more info-down on Left side. There is a defense fund. She is 18 an adult! Intimidation is a very important aspect of the BushInc.'s power structure, so it could be big trouble. Do you think she and her parents should be concerned that the judge and the prosecutor attended the BushInc.'s bogus townhall -(by invitation only of course)? Is that a potential conflict???
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Mark said...

you know? again and again i hear about people who hate bush, but none of them seems to be able to articulate a reason for hating him other than he is a republican. just once i'd like to hear one of you bush haters explain why you hate him. and how in the hell can you blame some teenage girls arrest in new jersey on him? i'm quite sure he wasn't even aware that it happened. get real and get a life

jarnocan said...

I think if you read this blog you might get a clue, even more than 1, as to why I dislike Bush. I will give you a hint-I think he is cute- he used to be down right adorable. So it isn't his looks.
I also like quite a few republicans- even the one I am married to, and most of his family. I value some of their opinions and have some may be considered conservative myself.
If things are going to get better, it will take cooperation of some honest minded conservatives and republicans- who value democracy and honesty to work with Dems and folks more liberal in some of their views to 'fix' things. If that doesn't happen we will be in for a world of pain!
This girl's arrest was NOT an isolated incident, brutal arrest, intimidation as a tool have become much more common. Did you hear about how some police in NYC LIED and bullied folks, and the truth cameout because of videos people had taken? Most of the police I met in NY were very nice, and in Westifled but there are some that seem to have a specific agenda to enforce.
There was no specific 'incident' that led to this girls arrest (aparently)-and I was a witness-to the event-saw NOTHING-because nothing had changed nothing happened til she was yanked from the group. She is a very sweet person who was trying to do what she could to make the world a better place, along with a lot of us older folks. there is a defnse fund. You can't find it in the post feel free to write me and I will send you the details.
BTW Bush drove right by my house- I hope he saw my signs! I am of course including him on my postcard list.