Sunday, May 08, 2005

Check out Riverbend's blog

Her writing is beautiful, and she gives a day to day account of life in Bagdad. I am proud and humbled that people like here are on this blog.
Also wanted to mention that I think it is so ironic that yesterday CNN actually asked viewers to write in concerning what they felt was the most important threat to our democracy. I know a while back they had been flooded with letters about that precise issue, yet never (or rarely) mentioned the very real issue of our Election Fraud- see Silent scream and other posts below. was the e-maill addy.They asked this because Bush was encouraging Vladimir Putin to improve democracy in his country. There is just NO end to the hypocrisy of the BushInc.
Briefly CNN did mention the Prior plans for Iraq scandal, didn't go as far as mentioning the PNAC of course. I wonder what catchy name they will come up for this one; the story will not go far without a cute name that they can flash on a logo, ya know. I'm not sure how to refer to it myself succinctly. any idears?
Memogate was already taken.

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