Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bring the TROOPS home petiton

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and another great blog here; There is a lot happening now, and it is hard to stay on top of everything. We all have to do what we can. Yet we still have to go about our daily lives, most of us are busy just keeping our own lives together.
I sometimes I feel that I should put more links, and petitions concerning environmental, and other issues-that I do also care about deeply.
HOWEVER- for all my concerns; I honestly can not think of a more important way to help make the world a better place than this-right now. Please review the latest posts- there is another new important petiton below.
Not just this blog, but working on these issues as much as I can.
I'm brain storming-and am very interested in hearing other ideas, and sharing them. Doing what I can. link here?

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