Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Biggest Story of Our Lives-Jim Lampley link here

This excellent article has been making the rounds, but this link seemed to work well.
"...I checked the sportsbook odds in Las Vegas and via the offshore bookmakers to see the odds..."
"NEVER have exit polls varied by beyond-error margins in a single state, not since 1948 when this kind of polling began. In this past election it happened in ten states, all of them swing states, all of them in Bush's favor. Coincidence? Of course not....
Karl Rove isn't capable of conceiving and executing such a grandiose crime? Wake up. They did it. The silence of traditional media on this subject is enough to establish their newfound bankruptcy. The revolution will have to start here..... is there any greater imperative than to reverse this crime and reestablish democracy in America? Why the mass silence?"

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