Tuesday, May 31, 2005

this Buzzflash post card is great.It is time to let them ALL know! Congress and the media. Please send post cards. NOW, these are great orange poster board would be great. Demand democracy! Demand that they tell and report the truth! Posted by Hello

Buzzflash very appropriate and resonably priced postcards!

Buzzflash is a great informative news site.
Memorial Day came and Bush actually vowed "that the nation will honor its dead by striving for peace and democracy, no matter the cost". Wow, guess he thinks he still has plenty of his STOLEN "capital to spend". Maybe we should tell him the price for his reconstructionist and neocon lust for power is a too much for US.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Cafepress this image now available as postcards, shirts etc.

Fraud! Let's wipe that BU**SH** eating grin off his face. Posted by Hello or see the BullSH--zone link below.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Urgent!! LINK here. Help make them tell the truth!

Demand the truth about why the Bush administration invaded Iraq (see below)a ready made form, add comments. change note or just send it!
if link above doesn't work go here;
http://www.impeachcentra l.com/
http://www.afterdownings treet.org/ also worth checking out! THANKS!!!!
I am sooo Very happy to see this.

"Congressman John Conyers is calling on American citizens to sign on to a letter to the President that demands a response to questions originally posed by Conyers and 88 other members of Congress in a similar letter dated May 5, 2005. Conyers has committed to personally delivering the letter to the White House when it garners 100,000 citizen signatures"

It is also time for the media to stop ignoring the painful realities! We can NOT fix our very big problems by denying the truth! Send the post cards too, PLEASE do whatever you can.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Open letter-to BushInc. - We demand the Right to know the truth

I am fixing this Stop intimidating the media, and answer the questions concerning the Downing St. memo -link one more time, for those who haven't signed yet. I am going to Washington, and will also be taking this one with me. It is just so disheartening, what the BushInc. can get away with.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ask the republicans and honest conservatives to join with reasonable democrats to Stop the cruel and corrupt extremismist thugs!

Tom DeLay is is as immoral as they come but that does NOT matter to the extremists (hard core religious right/ reconstructionist) who also dictate Sen. Bill Frist's actions, and gave Mr.G. W. Bush the his stolen election, stolen capital and their tyranical and cruel mandates.

"We, the undersigned citizens of the United States, demand a proper respect for the Constitution from our elected leaders and we demand that our government meet the needs of the American people, not right wing extremists".

No BU**SH** Zone at Cafe Press

This and the below image on various products-postcards, mugs, shirts. Help me go to Washington DC, and do whatever else I can to help stop the BU**SH! Posted by Hello
There is a link here or -at the bottom of the page.

No Bu**SH** at Cafe Press Store

I have some items for sale - all profits will go toward my being able to buy my own stuff- stickers, post cards etc. to use and distribute, or will be donated to VotersUnite.org
Some of the stuff came out pretty cute. It was fun to but this together.

Monday, May 23, 2005

You have to see this also funny Bush pic. Got Seeds of Doubt?

Ok last one, but I will try to make a postcard with this one, if it works and I make any mony- I will use if toward my trip to WDC and efforts to promote verified voting and hlep other important NOBU**SH**INC. related concerns-there are plenty. I have never done this before I'll let you know if it works. Posted by Hello I had to add the link above to that Distressed American page- really funny- and some good postcards too. Don't forget to support Verified voting-PETITIONS-POSTCARDS-go to Washinton DC-I think I'm gonna hop the bus! It's just too important, See the quote below from Mr. Lampley's article-and click the link.

Meaningful election reform via real investigations! LINK to petiton

No Bu**SH** Zone  Posted by Hello Sure it's a bit ugly, but it makes a point.
Again I thanks to my dog, the nice folks at the garage sale, and the fellows at madeyouthink.org (free flags) see their site, or my dog, for more interesting crap, and of course visit your neighborhood garage sale for the best deal on all kinds of cool crap.
And yes there are more important things I should be doing right now.
so at least I put something VERY important in the title link, and that is no bull! Take action, do it now, and then do more- Get those post cards ready-I think I will try this on a post card.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Biggest Story of Our Lives-Jim Lampley link here

This excellent article has been making the rounds, but this link seemed to work well.
"...I checked the sportsbook odds in Las Vegas and via the offshore bookmakers to see the odds..."
"NEVER have exit polls varied by beyond-error margins in a single state, not since 1948 when this kind of polling began. In this past election it happened in ten states, all of them swing states, all of them in Bush's favor. Coincidence? Of course not....
Karl Rove isn't capable of conceiving and executing such a grandiose crime? Wake up. They did it. The silence of traditional media on this subject is enough to establish their newfound bankruptcy. The revolution will have to start here..... is there any greater imperative than to reverse this crime and reestablish democracy in America? Why the mass silence?"

Verified Voting Days June 9-14 th can register here- or just read more.

this is gaining momentum! That is a good thing because on the other hand- if the REAL story does not really break BIG. We are going to have thousands of little nit picking battles, with every 2-bit local republican operative and politician over buying expensive no-verifiable equipment. This is still happening all over! There can be NO assumption that -we all know better now, our votes will be counted for sure, next time. This is a constant struggle and always will be. These small battles are important, but We need to get the truth out, or all those little battles will NOT win the 'WAR' to restore democracy in our country.

Also there is a conference on intimidation of the media in Washington on Tuesday with Rep. Conyers and others who signed the letter to President Bush reguarding the 'Downing St. memo'- see related petitions below, and also David Brock of Media matters, Al Franken and others from the liberal (honest) media.

Friday, May 20, 2005

I really liked my friends sign BTW. Just get some orange poster board and cut it up- this would make a nice postcard, or I'm sure you can think of your own pertinent message. Posted by Hello

NO BU**SH** zone!

Dedicated to restoring democracy in the USA. I care about many things of course; education, peace, environment, health care and etc. I believe all these related causes are best served by this #1 action.
Investigations, Prosecution, IMPEACHMENT and punishment of the BushInc. for their crimes against democracy and the world!
I am trying to link petitions, brief information, ideas and some protest pictures. I just do what I can do to help.
I have begun to address, and even mailed some of my 'orange' postcards....See below for more information and links.
This latest crazed wave of media intimidation, made me even more determined to be sure to write people in the media to encourage, them NOT to be intimidated and report the truth.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bring the TROOPS home petiton

web page http://bringthemhomenow.org
and another great blog here; There is a lot happening now, and it is hard to stay on top of everything. We all have to do what we can. Yet we still have to go about our daily lives, most of us are busy just keeping our own lives together.
I sometimes I feel that I should put more links, and petitions concerning environmental, and other issues-that I do also care about deeply.
HOWEVER- for all my concerns; I honestly can not think of a more important way to help make the world a better place than this-right now. Please review the latest posts- there is another new important petiton below.
Not just this blog, but working on these issues as much as I can.
I'm brain storming-and am very interested in hearing other ideas, and sharing them. Doing what I can. link here?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rep. Conyer's statement here!

From what I have read, and heard this is the way I see it. There very likely was, to various degrees, not so nice things being done with copies of the Koran-which does not really suprise me at all, they sure did some other uncool stuff (it's very different, violent and desperate circumstances-I don't really want to pass judgement here). Newsweek is not the only publication to mention this.
The violence that Bush's press secretary hyped up, and blamed on Newsweek was spurred by several factors-in a very turbulent violent place.
BushInc. in so many ways, has increased hatred toward the USA tremendously! not Newsweek

The reason this is a 'big story' all over the FAR right wing media, and the increasing to the right mainstream media, IS to keep that Blair memo thing, which is more evidence of IMPEACHABLE offences (and other unpleasant realities like torture details) out of the news. They also want an excuse to enforce more censorship.
We are living in very dangerous times, especially if you care about democracy!

MSNBC's Kieth Olberman's bold comments Re: Newsweek and Scott MClellan a MUST READ!

Was this more BushInc. media intimidation???? SEE above link! This guy is one of the few folks worth listening to on TV!

I wrote this when I noticed that this petition had 11 signatures, while the one supporting Sponge Bob had 28,000.

http://www.gopetition.co m/online/6410.html

"Please sign this petiton; if you are concernd about the environment, PEACE, education, health care, nuclear proliferation and even SPONGE BOB. The far religious right / reconstructionst/ CNP have attacked them all. Reconstructionist and republican operatives owned and controlled the VAST majority of our voting equipment. They are the ones who have assaulted our rights, and our welfare in ALL those areas just mentioned including BTW SPONGE BOB.
I sincerely believe this is 1 of the most important petitons around, because it also concerns Sponge BOB.
Our media is censored via corporate control and intimidation. Consider what happend to Dan Rather/CBS, News Week and SPONGE BOB! Please read Buzzflash.com, commondreams.com and other sources for the real news.

Please also DO something more; there is a post card campign also from now through JUNE 9th-VERIFIED VOTING Lobby Day in WDC. Please write your brief but strong request for REAL voter reform and REAL Investigations. You can use 4/6inch Index cards-can use a computer to put a design on them or not- cut up orange poster board or buy post cards, even Sponge Bob ones.

Save Sponge BOB! Impeach BUSH!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Voters Unite this is the quintissential-easy to comprehend-detailed Voter's right site!

It's all here, very well organized. You can look at the BIG picture from many angles- by maps, equipment. They have printouts- you can turn the poster into a post card
They are supporting US- they need our support. We all have to do what we can, now. Don't wait for things to get better, because they won't without a great deal of effort!
"Myth Breakers is a tool for citizen activists. Myth Breakers will enable you to speak with confidence about the issues. Then ... Spread the Truth! Deliver "Myth Breakers: Facts about Electronic Elections" to your local election officials and legislators. Give them the information they need to make wise decisions. "
"Support Congressional bills requiring a [B]voter-verified paper record[/B].
Click here to find the [I]contact information [/I] for your legislator.
- Urge your U.S. Senators to co-sponsor Senator Ensign's bill, S.330 (VIVA 2005).
- Urge your U.S. Representative to co-sponsor H.R.704 (identical to S.330)
- and to co-sponsor H.R.550 -- Congressman Holt's bill."
Please remember Verified Voting Day is coming up -in June-write! sign the petitions if you haven't-see below-and get those post cards ready!
I would do whatever you can send a couple, just to your Senators and your rep, or send more. Pass some out to friends to send. send them to the media- tell them what you think of their lack of forthrightness in covering this and other critical , factual information people need to know for the US to remain a democracy!
Have a post card party-find out who's computer can print them out and play around with some designs, or this might be a good time to support your favorite progressive site and buy some- I also like the BUZZflash ones-that's another great real NEWS site.

Discussing Verified Voting-did any one mention the F word? Posted by Hello

Climb on board! Posted by Hello

Hell no, because it was intentional. YOU are the mistake! Are you listening to me? Posted by Hello

Progrssive picnic pics. Posted by Hello

OLS occasionally a BU**SH** zone, but very interesting neverless!

this link takes you to the front page, you can see what is up now. but you can also look back through the pages. here are a few;
"Robert Koehler Silent Scream silenced? ( 1 2 ) jarnocan 15 108 Yesterday 10:59pm " examples of what you will see a list of topics/threads pages, who started it, how many posts and how many views.
"Poll: The USA moving to facism - does this really apply today? MrDave 13 127 Today 6:45am by jarnocan "
"Iraq War planned months prior to invasion ( 1 2 3 ) snookers 35 417 "
"Hillary in 2008? No Way! ( 1 2 ) pechuna 26 281 Yesterday 12:03pm by rststrange "
ugh, BRB :)

Mixed Political forums are that are not necessarily a NO BU**SH** zone!

For around a year-I and many other GREAT folks -have been posting and debating many issues in various political. Bush, Kerry, Michael Moore, Sun Myung Moon, Iran Contra, Neocons, CNP, reconstructionsit, ELECTION FRAUD, IMPEACHABLE??? stem cell research, Media, Science and environmental concerns, EVERYTHING really! Links to interesting articles- debating with folks with different opinions.
I have thought it would make an interesting book, the paticipants are from all over the country a very mixed group, so it is a more lively, sometimes in your face stuff.
If anyone is curious about me-my views- or reading some spirited give and take; it can be interesting. (the specific link has been removed per request)
Did I mention I used to enter and sometimes even win sweepstakes? OH, well no time for that now too much is really at stake!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

seedsofdubt/distressedAmerican poster at Westifled protest Posted by Hello

YES Posted by Hello

this might make a nice postcard Posted by Hello

Rep.s addy's search by state or name.

Hon. Rush D. Holt (New Jersey-12th, Democrat)
1019 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515-3012
This is the fellow that is sponsering the Verified Voting Bill
Maybe sending him a card to say thanks would be nice.
See more info and links below. June 9th is Verified Voting Lobby Day

Friday, May 13, 2005

Tell Congress to Reject Bush's Budget Proposal link here.

NO BU**SH** zone! Tell Congress to Reject Bush's Budget Proposal click above.

Quote:see below for full statement;
"This budget has the wrong priorities, bankrupts our country,
and destroys our environment. It should be soundly and
overwhelmingly rejected". -Babara Boxer
- very worth reading if you haven't yet
This is all so dangerous and destructive!

Democratic Underground forum with the Westifeld, NJ protest- Pics and Distressed American/Seedsof Doubt posters.

Here are a couple postcards I printed up on my computer, Using 4 by 6" index cards, and an orange poster paper that I cut into 4/6" cards. I purposely did not do them first quality, Think they look kind of appropriate for the task that way, and I wanted to make enough to give out to friends without using up all my ink. The orange one looks fine printed in black and white and on the 'draft' setting.
I mean we aren't talking scenic quality, just something to make a point. Now what should I write on the back???
I added a link on top to some interesting pics, including the pics of the innocent YOUNG woman who was brutally arrested in my hometown, and is absolutely innocent of any wrong doing. see http://www.plainfieldareaequality.com/ for more info-down on Left side. There is a defense fund. She is 18 an adult! Intimidation is a very important aspect of the BushInc.'s power structure, so it could be big trouble. Do you think she and her parents should be concerned that the judge and the prosecutor attended the BushInc.'s bogus townhall -(by invitation only of course)? Is that a potential conflict???
 Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Petition link Here support Verified voting and investigations!

Verified Voting Lobby Day is June 9th. Sign petions, Send post cards, and demand real investigations and real reforms! thanks Brad! Posted by Hello

Distressed American's click here. Keep planting thoses dees of doubt!

I hope he disapproves of this one as well. then I will know I am on the right road... Posted by Hello

Seeds of Doubt/Distressed American link!

I have more than seeds of doubt at this point, they have been growing, well norished by the truth, that most of the US has been denied by the mainstream media. Hopefully we plant these precious seeds of doubt and grow them, nourish them consistantly. We can't give up. We can't forget about them, and hope the truth will just suddenly bloom before our eyes. That some other care taker will decide to do his job. We have to tend to them viligently, if we stop, our hope for a better world may die. the environment matters, education, health care, safety nets, Peace, all these things are in jeopardy! We need to take care!
Bu**SH**Inc. is our #1 issue.

Verified Voting / Investigate 2004 Voter FRAUD! NEW petition !

Petiton to support Verified Voting Lobby Day on June 9th,which is related to the Rush Holt Bill HR-550, and call for meaningful investigations of election fraud, in order to enable meaningful reform. ..... "
actual wording of petition; "We can not all come to Washington DC on June 9th for Verified Voting Lobby Day, but we the under-signed STRONGLY support Verified Voting because we as Americans value our democratic rights and principles. We also insist on real and vigorous investigations, also prosecutions, and if warranted impeachment and punishment, concerning the election fraud incidents of 2004, without which meaningful voting reform is doomed to fail." click on above title to sign

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This is incredibly important please click and sign! and tell everyone!

BushINc. likely is guilty at least 5 five impeachable acts:

1. Lying to Congress about intelligence concerning Iraq to legitimize the case for invasion
2. Conspiring with Blair to mislead Congress
3. knowing that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's diverted funds meant for the Afghan conflict (finding Osama?) to prepare for WAR with Iraqi.
4. Deliberate Falsification of evidence supporting the case for invasion
5. Writing and telling Congress that Iraq was supporting al-Qaeda when that evidence was false

Verified Voting org link

"Will your vote count in the next election?
Maybe not! How will we even know?"
another link, and more actions you can take, if you haven't already.
But send the post cards too. It is more direct- add a personal touch!
from V V org -hit above link for more!
"Paperless electronic voting systems are failing us. Worse yet, resistance from the elections official community is astonishing! Here is an excerpt from a Sun Sentinel story:
Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller expects that elections officials nationwide will be watching closely, with some of them hoping that the printers fail. "I clearly believe that there are certain people within the election process who don't want that scrutiny on how elections are run," Heller said. "Why elections directors so fight this process is just incredible to me."

Our democracy is at stake
and the time for action is now! This nationwide grassroots effort to restore the sanctity of our electoral process will succeed only through the efforts of volunteers who are willing to write letters, make telephone calls, visit legislators, and communicate our message to all our fellow Americans."

TELL "Mainstreammedia" to INVESTIGATE the VOTE ! great link here!

From Independent media source and reccommended by the Dem Underground WOW the letter itself is very interesting. You can send or change it, and send it to some or all of the contacts listed. Here is the petiton I made up. Not perfect but there are other variables to hink about while doing the form, but sign it anyway-it's a lot less reading at least :)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Orange Post / Verified voting cards here !!! link

These are some designs the cool guy over at Seeds of doubt/distressed american just came up with hit the title.
also Robert Koehler is still silently screaming - he has another great aritcle I will try to link to here- if not it is at Commondreams.org, and I'm sure on his site commonwonders.com.
Citizens in the Rain
"Maybe we can't have election reform without media reform" by Robert Koehler I do think if you are willing sending the cards to the media will be a good idea also, let's ALL do it!!! Maybe we can send even more than Santa got in that old movie- now remember that worked, and ya know I am a believer.

Of course I am grateful for the above dsigns and that the petiton has been linked to other sites, bying post cards is a great way to support our progressive sites but any post card will do - orange index cards or any index card with YOUR important POINTS - We can make an impact. Post card stamps are very inexpensive- you can also just buy postage paid ones. Taking action is what really matters. Please do!!!!

Petition to promote Verified Voting and call for investigations

into the election fraud of 2004.
This is in addition to the Orange Post Card campaign, I still feel we need to make as strong of a statement as we can. Democracy counts! great articles here also.
Verified voting Lobby Day is on June 9th in Washington DC ! Please also demand voter fraud investigations, attempts at reform will be meaningless until the full truth is acknowledged!

"We the undersigned, endorse the following petition:
Support Verified Voting / Call for investigations
Target: Henry Waxman Committee on Govenrment Reform Minority Office

Petiton to support Verified Voting Lobby Day on June 9th,the Rush Holt Bill HR-550, and call for meaningful investigations of election fraud, in order to enable meaningful reform. ..... "
see for more info.
I read Robert koehler's The Silent Scream of Numbers, see link and quotes in earlier posts, and felt the need to do something. for more info/

Petition link for Electoral Commission Please READ, think, sign-comment...V.R.

The Velvet Revolution New American Patriot! is an awesome site- honest-vital information-links and IMPORTANT actions. Please hit Link above.
Funny, it just occured to me, a long time ago I briefly was entering a lot of snail mail contest. the ones that you can enter via post card- you just use index cards right? Index cards come in orange now- so that would be an easy low cost way to do this.or just print-Verify my Vote! or even V V on them or be more creative. I don't want to use too much ink, but a basic simple design would be cool. (My own will probably have I P I P, but that likely won't work for everyone.)
I have a new printer, that is easy to adjust for post card size paper/pictures -many of the newer ones are now.
I think I will actually pre address some and hand them out, perhaps the week before. That should be easy enough to do. What do you think? Any other groups want to do this? As an informative action???? That would be a positive way to get the message out?
I don't think I would go so far as to stamp them, not rich enough and might be a waste, but I might keep some on me, if someone ask. Please consider this. Perhaps in early June. The Verified Lobby Day is June 9th. Any other ideas?????

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Some post cards I found that sort of work for Verified/Investigate fraud- VOTE

I ordered some orange Not my president ones, and some Orwell themed ones I just liked but really any will do. It is the message that counts! You can link above to some I found via cafe express-from various sites. anyone else have ideas feel free to comment.

Orange Post card campaign!!!! contact links here

Senate, reps and media contact for Orange (or other) Post Cards for previously mentioned just click above title for links. I am still having a little difficulty getting my links to work in here. so I am linking to my other links from above.
June Verified voting support / investigate Election fraud
in June -post card campaign,
and any other actions. The actual snail mailing addy's are here and web forms are linked.
Verified Voting Lobby Day
Join the Coalition for a national lobby day sponsored by NJ Congressman Rush Holt, who has writtien bill HR-550. This comprehensive bill will require a paper backup verifiable audit trail for public elections, specifically for electronic voting machines. for more info- see peacecoalition.org
I still think it would also be cool to just use orange cards. Large size/post card size index cards or cut poster board. I bought some cards, but I thin I will try to pass out some orange ones to my firends. Perhaps I will even address them on my computer-that shouldn't be too hard.

Important Petition-click here

As you have recently read-see below related links/info BushInc. deliberately tweaked and distorted intelligence to fit their plans to mislead our country into a disastrous and unnecessary invasion of a country that posed no major threat to us and was not involved with the 911 attack.
"Nearly three years ago, "facts and intelligence were being fixed around policy" because there was "no patience with the UN route", in other words DIPLOMACY
Which brings us directly back to the John Bolton...If there was ever a poster boy for malevolently cooked intelligence, he's the guy.
According to Scott Ritter (who hasn't missed a call yet), Bolton's mission at the UN would be to abort any possibility of diplomacy with Iran, so as to force a military confrontation. Unless we SPEAK UP NOW to reiterate our strong opposition to this nomination, it would set in motion events leading to the use of nuclear weapons, both by us and ultimately and inevitably then against us."
They also have a new Instant Senate Phone Number Lookup function, I will try to link that here.

Check out Riverbend's blog

Her writing is beautiful, and she gives a day to day account of life in Bagdad. I am proud and humbled that people like here are on this blog.
Also wanted to mention that I think it is so ironic that yesterday CNN actually asked viewers to write in concerning what they felt was the most important threat to our democracy. I know a while back they had been flooded with letters about that precise issue, yet never (or rarely) mentioned the very real issue of our Election Fraud- see Silent scream and other posts below. WAM@CNN.com was the e-maill addy.They asked this because Bush was encouraging Vladimir Putin to improve democracy in his country. There is just NO end to the hypocrisy of the BushInc.
Briefly CNN did mention the Prior plans for Iraq scandal, didn't go as far as mentioning the PNAC of course. I wonder what catchy name they will come up for this one; the story will not go far without a cute name that they can flash on a logo, ya know. I'm not sure how to refer to it myself succinctly. any idears?
Memogate was already taken.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Boxer's Pac link here NO BU**SH** zone!

NO BU**SH** zone! It's a Babara Boxer pac.
"Pac for a Change is a leadership Political Action Committee led by United States Senator Barbara Boxer".
Her Pac for a Change will work against right-wing extremists in Congress are taking our country.
Hey, she is one smart and savy person, see below blog-her excellent statement! For me she and John Dean are good news for the Democratic party. Harry Reid might not be so bad either, but he needs to get over the urge to apologize for some of his most insightful comments.

A must read and THINK! link to Boxer's web site here

NO BU**SH** zone!
Mr. President, I oppose this budget and will vote
against it. All of my colleagues should. It sets the wrong
priorities. It breaks promises to the American people. And it
is the height of fiscal irresponsibility.

Let me begin with the priorities. The priorities of the
American people are not the priorities of this budget.

It is quite clear what the priorities of this budget are: tax
cuts for the wealthy. In just one year, this budget provides a
tax cut for millionaires totaling $32 billion.
Meanwhile, education funding is cut almost $1 billion below the
services we are providing now. A total of 48 education
programs are eliminated. The promise that was made in the No
Child Left Behind Act is broken by $12 billion. Mr. President,
we should be increasing our commitment to our children, not
cutting it.

Veterans programs – for those brave men and women who served
our country and are currently serving our country in Iraq and
Afghanistan – are cut $500 million. As more and more veterans
return to this country, the demands on the VA system will only
grow. This budget ignores them.
This budget provides no funding for additional police officers
on the street. And two major programs to help local law
enforcement are eliminated.

Medicaid – the health care program for the poor and disabled, a
large portion of whom are children – is cut $10 billion.

Funding for the Centers for Disease Control – to prevent
diseases and to fight outbreaks – is cut 9 percent.

The promise we made to our farmers in 2002 is broken with cuts
of $3 billion.

Mr. President, what is going on here? Our children, our
veterans, the safety of our streets, and the health of our
people – all are taking a back seat to tax cuts for
millionaires. This budget helps the wealthiest 1 percent of
Americans at the expense of 99 percent of Americans.

Now, you would think that with all of these cuts in spending
for important programs, at least the budget would be balanced –
or at least would be more fiscally responsible than it has been
in the past four years.

You would be wrong. This budget increases our debt by $3.1
trillion over the next five years. In 2010, the federal debt
will be over $11 trillion.
That figure is so high, it is nearly incomprehensible. So let
me put it another way: $11 trillion is $1 million every day
for 30,000 years.

And, Mr. President, $11 trillion in debt is not the whole
story. This budget does not include the almost $400 billion in
costs for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This budget does
not include over $700 billion in costs for the President’s plan
to privatize Social Security. This budget does not include
over $700 billion to ensure that middle-class Americans are not
hit with the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Why aren’t these included? Because it would mean even more
debt. Debt upon debt upon debt upon debt. And most of it owed
to those from foreign countries. We are borrowing from the
Japanese, the Chinese, the British, and others – and sticking
the bill to our children and grandchildren.

And speaking of the President’s plan to privatize Social
Security, I find it ironic that the President again tonight
tried to scare the American people by saying that Social
Security was going “bankrupt,” when at the same time, this
budget steals $2.5 trillion over 10 years from the Social
Security Trust Fund. Instead of tax cuts for millionaires, we
should be paying back the Trust Fund.

Finally, Mr. President, this budget sets the stage for opening
up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. It has
nothing to do with the budget. It has nothing to do with
increasing our energy independence. It has everything to do
with destroying one of America’s most environmentally pristine

This budget has the wrong priorities, bankrupts our country,
and destroys our environment. It should be soundly and
overwhelmingly rejected.
It is so ironic that Harry Reid just apologized for refering to Bush as a loser. I like his straightfroward and sincere comment.
"I think this guy is a loser. I think President Bush is doing a bad job,
He's driving this country into bankruptcy," Reid said, referring to the deficit. "He's got us in this intractable war in Iraq where
we now have about 1,600 American soldiers dead and another 15,000 injured."
Has BushInc. apologized for the lies which caused these and countless other deaths?

Friday, May 06, 2005

Westfield, NJ BushInc. Town Hall, and NY anti-war protests.

The above is a slide show of pics from March 4th,2005 - the Save OUR Social Security from BU**SH** protest in Westfield, NJ and the anti-war protest in NY on March 19th.
The situation in Iraq is so tragic now. I think if we had cooperated with the UN and member countires a great deal of tragedy would have been avoided. So many civilians and other good people have been killed. BushInc. 's lies and greed are the #1 reason for this tragedy.

NO BU**SH** zone! Tell your senator s about the election fraud, and ask them if they care about democracy!

I would like to encourage an orange post card campaign. We could cut our own from poster board perhaps or manufacture them-or I'm sure one of the pro-democracy sites that sells their own post cards, could make them, and supply them for a nominal fee. They should have a succinct message/design calling for REAL voter reform and meaningful Investigations. Actually, I feel that meaningful reform will NOT occur withoutInvestigations, Prosecutions, Impeachment and Punishment.
Senate contact info link; se other Orange card blog above-5/8
It might be wise to pick a paticular time period to coincide with some other event. such as:
Verified Voting - Lobby Day • Washington, DC
Thursday June 9
Join the Coalition for a national lobby day sponsored by NJ Congressman Rush Holt, who has writtien bill HR-550. This comprehensive bill will require a paper backup verifiable audit trail for public elections, specifically for electronic voting machines. Please read text of HR-550.
find link below;
I would reccommend sending them to our congress people, and major media outlets.
We could also get some made up, and for those who like -they could pruchase them as a fund raiser.
that (see last post) excellent article renewed my desire to DO something more!!!!
Here is more from the article;
"The media are not on our side. The politicians are not on our side. It’s just us, connecting the dots, fitting the fragments together, crunching the numbers, wanting to know why there were so many irregularities in the last election and why these glitches and dirty tricks and wacko numbers had not just an anti-Kerry but a racist tinge. \This is not about partisan politics. It’s more like: “Oh no, this can’t be true.
In contrast to the deathly silence of the media is the silent scream of the numbers. The more you ponder these numbers, and all the accompanying data, the louder that scream grows. Did the people’s choice get thwarted? Were thousands disenfranchised by chaos in the precincts, spurious challenges and uncounted provisional ballots? Were millions disenfranchised by electronic voting fraud on insecure, easily hacked computers? And who is authorized to act if this is so? Who is authorized to care? No one, apparently, except average Americans, who want to be able to trust the voting process again, and who want their country back.".....I just got back from what was officially called the National Election Reform Conference, in Nashville, Tenn., "
Remember Nov. 2nd. Please watch this brief video
"Never Forget November 2nd," can be viewed by clicking here. Please share it with everyone you know who is concerned about our flawed election system.
Another article concerning the war, but it ALL relates;
"The administration says the war was about fighting for democracy. That was the big lie they resorted to when they were caught in the other lies. But it’s a different kind of a lie in the sense that it’s a useful lie. The lie that the United States invaded Iraq to bring freedom and democracy...."
Again, People have died and are dying, for our democracy- to preserve and protect it. Let's not let the BushInc. SPIT on their graves!
One more link from 51capital with an amazing review of information a long list of various facts, information and links. so much, all of it valid, but it's as if there so much that folks just shut it out, of course most of them don't have a clue. see links in other orange post card blog above, I know how to do them now but it's easier to just stick then in the new blog commondreams. peacecoalition.org inthesetimes.com

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Silent Scream of Numbers (by Robert C. Kohler -link)

NO BU**SH** zone! ".....why so many otherwise Democratic ballots, thousands and thousands in Ohio alone, but by no means only in Ohio, recorded no vote for president (as though people with no opinion on the presidential race waited in line for three or six or eight hours out of a fervor to have their say in the race for county commissioner); and why virtually every voter complaint about electronic voting machine malfunction indicated an unauthorized vote switch from Kerry to Bush....." ....We might also ask why so many Ph.D.-level mathematicians and computer programmers and other numbers-savvy scientists are saying that the numbers don’t make sense ....
“What’s wrong with this picture?” asks exit polling expert Jonathan Simon... who spoke at the Nashville conference — one of dozens of speakers to give highly detailed testimony on evidence of fraud and dirty tricks from sea to shining sea — said, “When the autopsy of our democracy is performed, it is my belief that media silence will be given as the primary cause of death.”
In contrast to the deathly silence of the media is the silent scream of the numbers." You can also read this new and important article here;
Please share this and write the media, something has to give-
People have died and are dying, for our democracy- to preserve and protect it. Let's not let the BushInc. SPIT on their graves!

NO BU**SH** zone!

NO BU**SH** zone!"Impeachment Time:Facts Were Fixed." -- A BuzzFlash Guest News Analysis from Greg Palast
The top-level government memo marked "SECRET AND STRICTLY PERSONAL," dated eight months before Bush sent us into Iraq, following a closed meeting with the President, reads, "Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam through military action justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WDM. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." ...... The invasion build-up was then set, says the memo, "beginning 30 days before the US Congressional elections." ....

-no matter how bad it gets, we are dealing with ruthless, dishonest people who will stop at nothing to maintain their power hold.
They outright plotted to tweak the reports-to lie and then cover it up... when is enough enough?????
Mandate accountability! IPIP
Investigate! Prosecute.
Impeach? Punish.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

MAY DAY slide show

http://www.photoshow.net/scripts_ma...?show=bEExYVEce here is a photo slide show-many of the same pics- a few different ones. of May Day in NY. I am supposed to be able to save it with an HTML code . So I might try if not, this will do. I think if I do it the other way , it will show full screen, which is nicer of course.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

So many of the nicest folks you could ever wish to meet! A day full of compassiona and hope! Posted by Hello

Some of the signs were so beautiful!!!! They put a great deal of thought and effort into this!!! Posted by Hello

There were 40,000 folks! That is a hopeful sign!!! Posted by Hello

Monday, May 02, 2005

Hey, I think I know this kid.

J. M. Posted by Hello

He was grabbed after the girl

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Don't let them intimidate US!

back. Can't keep a good kid down. Nice to know intimidation doesn't always work. Posted by Hello

Update from Westfield (link here to seeds of doubt-Westfield pics)

I ran into the young man with the spiked hair, shown being unjustifiably arrested in Westfield. He was snatched after the girl with red hair. He attended the Troops Out Now demonstration and march for peace. Take care!
J- feel free to add your comments- let me know if you want pic removed or sent to you.

my signs from notinourname.net and a few additions to remember the day. Posted by Hello

On my way home, BUSHED? sure but it was worth it. Posted by Hello