Thursday, April 21, 2005

state your opinion, check the facts

state your opinion, check the facts Well the nasty fruadulent election is long over, and so much more has happened.
Here is something that occured to me recently;

Dear Concerned Friends;

Didn't we/US once boycott the Moscow - Olympic games due to the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan ?
Well I think it's kind of funny - here Michael Bloomburg is wooing the International Olympic Committee to have the Games held in NYC, in a country that in the opinion of much of the world unjustifiably invaded another country and killed thousands of people-many totally innocent. AND he is also refusing to allow May Day/International Worker's Day- Peace and support our workers', troops and etc. ralleys and/or marches in Central Park or anywhere else apparently. May Day / International workers' Day ralleys will take place all around the FREE WORLD! but not for US???? Isn't that just so weird????

for more info on Bloomberg's anti-American stand see;

BTW; Tens of thousands of Iraqi protesters rallied; they called for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq , for national unity and they denounced terrorism.
These are all good things , perhaps a sign of hope. Wishing US peace.

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