Friday, April 29, 2005

May Day, may day, may day!

Former Att. Gen.Ramsey Clark has gotten involved with 's demonstration in NYC see their site, or below for more info. hit active link in title to find a letter/petiton and more info concerning May Day in NY!
Are you going into NY for May Day? - some important info and links.
Feel free to cut and paste it anywhere. Getting the word out is crucial. At this point - anyone FEEL free to use MY photos or inforanywhere, if it can help in anyway!
" Ramsey Clark, the former Attorney General of the United States, has also launched a campaign (not affiliated with to impeach members of the Bush Administration".
See Ramsey Clark's website, and sign the petition at:
I will be back, soon hopefully with some photos from our MAY DAY demonstration and March in NY. Also hopefully via my son or friends, some photos from Washington DC!!!!
Hope is in the air, you can help keep democracy alive in the USA! See below for info on above, and search for actions in your 'neck of the woods'. May 1st 2005 for a worldwide protest NY

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