Monday, April 25, 2005

IPIP Hooray!

It is amazing how quickly things can change; suddenly enough folks get disgusted by dangerous, destructive decisions, and in fighting amongst republicans who do NOT want to be forever dominated by the reconstructionist. This In-justioce Sunday frankly may have even helped, the facts are there, It just takes a few more strong voices- likely republicans- to say enough is enough and yank the thread. There are so many many threads to yank.
Some people think it might depend on what happens in 2006. I would encourage you to explore the information, there are a lot of potential grounds, and sign the petitions. This movement is building. Also if it ever does happen it will be a wake up call to clean up, to all-concerning lies and corruption-
MOST of us are fed up with that overall. Nothing will ever be perfect but it can get better- it has to.
"The president's.. job-approval rating recently dropped to 45 percent, the lowest of his presidency and well below that of other recent second-term presidents....problems have raised concerns and divisions among Republicans."
It all helps. I would really encourage you to check out a few of the many worthwhile links on the 51 Capital site. There is always hope!
MAY DAY HELP US! Protest Worldwide The march for our voting rights goes worldwide... You can search for events by state here too. also see...
May Day March and Rally in New York City! Assemble at 11 AM on Sunday May 1st along First Avenue north of 50th Street. March will begin at noon and head past the United Nations through mid-town Manhattan to the Heckshar Ballfields in Central Park - at the SW corner near Columbus Circle near 61st Street. The rally will end at 6 or to
JACI Mandate accountability! IPIP Investigate! Prosecute.Impeach? Punish.

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